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Research and Development

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Research and Development initiatives:

R&D is carried out at three levels.

  1. Faculty research (Ph.D.)
  2. Student research - Ph.D. Scholors, M.Tech. and B.Tech. - Mini Project and Major Project
  3. Out sourced research (Funding from outside agencies)

Funding Agencies:

  1. Internal Funding by Academy - Annually Rs. 5.0 lakhs is allocated.
  2. Funding by alumni - Rs. 10 lakhs is available annually under this head
  3. Funding by outside agencies - DRDO, ISRO, DST, AICTE, UGC give grants based on the projects submitted. Currently about 1.25 Cr worth projects are under process.


  1. Every Department has created R&D centers for persuing research and development which are operational actively.
  2. ECE Department and Mechanical Engineering Department have been recognized as research centers by JNTUK, Kakinada in 2014.
  3. TIFAC CORE facility for Telematics, Image Processing and Communications has been created and is active since 2009.
  4. Two distinct areas of research from outsourced projects are being pursued vigorously - Image Processing, Composits, Video Analytics, Data Mining
  5. Active research is being pursued in S&H department resulting in a number of publications.
  6. A number of DRDO and ISRO projects have been successfully completed and the college has earned laurels from these organizations.
  7. Patent applications have been made and on patent is pending with the patent office, Chennai from Mechanical Engineering Department.
  8. Emphasis is laid in M.Tech. projects for work leading to publications.
  9. Elsavier has sent a letter stating that the R&D activity in the college can be rated very high considering the number of publications in 2012.


  • 12 PhD’s are produced under the guidance of senior faculty of the college and using its infrastructure in last 3 years.
  • 20 faculty in last three years and 35 in last five years, being on duty in the college and using its infrastructure, carried the research and obtained their PhD.
  • 20 faculty of our college who obtained PhD using in house facilities took the position of Principals in some of the newly established (100 +) engineering colleges in the vicinity of Vijayawada during last three years. In spite of this, the legacy of its established research culture continues to rise to higher levels, which is evident from: 
  • Rs 2.67 Crores of research grant from National funding agencies in last four years.
  • Award of prestigious TIFAC-CORE in Telematics by DST in 2009.
  • 85 research publications in refereed journals and 104 in conferences in last 3 years.
  • IRG of about Rs 5.0 Crores from consultancy in last 4 years.
  • 61 of our faculty members are pursuing PhD using in house resources.
  • 6 of our faculty with R & D expertise acquired in the college have become prominent entrepreneurs in the country. (MIC Electronics Ltd., Efftronics (P) Ltd., etc ).
  • 4th Rank as a Technology Hub at National level awarded by “Electronics for You” Magazine in 2010.

For Faculty(Application for sanction of Incentives for Academic Publications):

Click here to download Form RD-3 (Patent)