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National Seminar on "Computing with words using Fuzzy logic" on 26th September, 2012, organized by Department of IT

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National Seminar on
"Computing with words using Fuzzy logic"
On 26th Sep, 2012 (Under TEQIP-II S.C.1.2) 

About the Workshop:
The conventional computing deals with numbers and symbols those are easily understandable by the computer. However while developing the intelligent systems, the major challenge is to model the human ability of performing variety of physical and metal tasks using words and propositions of natural language as objects of computation. Fuzzy logic proposed by Prof. Lotfi A. Zadeh serves as a basis for natural language computation. This seminar is intended to provide an understanding on the aspects of fuzzy sets, fuzzy logic that are necessary to synthesize the systems that compute with words using Fuzzy Logic.

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Organized by:
Department of Information Technology
VR Siddhartha Engineering College